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How Palate came to be!

Palate was not something that was dreamt up over night, no it took months of planning, creating and dreaming. Our family was on the verge of change we were just unsure how it would come about.

See we were living in Farmington NM away from family and friends. Chase had a corporate job and I was a stay at home mom to a newborn baby. The years spent in Farmington were tough on our family, we were restless. We couldn't bare the same day to day routine. We needed excitement and a good challenge.

I can confirm that the best changes happen when you step out on a limb, trust your abilities and work hard for the best possible outcome. After all happiness is our birthright.

One day we had enough, seriously woke up one day and we were just done.  Chase quit his job on the spot and within a few hours we moved our family back to Santa Fe. We had no clue what we were going do or how we were going to make it but we already felt lighter. Months went by and Chase and I were struggling to get out of the same routine we had fallen into before.

When Ron Whitmore, a great family friend offered us the opportunity to not only help us start up our food truck but also allow us to park it in the Artisan Parking lot it was a no brainer, this is what we wanted to do. So we said Yes and we just well, we just did it.

We have pushed past what we though our business could do and be. We have learned so much. But mostly we have made a space where anyone and everyone is welcome. Where our family is your family and your family is our family. We have customers who only come see us when they know Layla our daughter will be present. Layla who is 4, will ask you what you want, take your money and give you back proper change, then she delightfully delivers your meal. We know customers on a first name basis, and that is what we love the most. We hope that Palate becomes a staple for Santa Feans and others near by. There's no going back we officially love what we do! 

The Palate Family

A family that works together....spends like 24 hours a day together! 

Chase Reed


  • Chase attended culinary school in Houston, TX. When building Palate's daily menu he fused together New Mexican spice and Houston's southern cuisine to create the delectable, mouth watering and memorable meals. 

Angelica "Heli" Reed

Owner/ Operations

Angelica is the woman behind the curtain she is responsible for all the operational duties as well as Palate's social media platforms. When she is not behind the scenes she is at the front window taking your order and welcoming you to all the deliciousness Palate contains.

Layla " Goobie" Reed

The Big Boss

Layla is "The Big Boss" all new ideas are sent to her for a stamp of approval. You can find her at the front window taking your order. She also makes special appearances when we cater weddings and productions, but you have to pay extra! 

What's the deal with the Skull?

To better understand Palate's logo you must first know, this is not just a skull, its a sugar skull. What's that? Let me tell you! A sugar skull is a normally made of a clay molded sugar to remember and celebrate our loved ones. These skulls are very colorful and whimsical. They are used during Dia De Los Muertos a time where we welcome and guide our loved ones back to us.

The idea of this tradition is to celebrate the life of our loved ones.

Daily Palate celebrates the family and friends we have made in this business. We celebrate life, food, art, connection and possibilities.

Our sugar skull displays a Zia symbol on its forehead. No matter where we end up New Mexico was the birth place of Palate and we are proud of this!

The eyes which normally display flowers for life display paint Pallets. Our food is not just about one thing's the taste, flavors, presentation, and cohesiveness that make it not just food but art. It's a master piece made especially for you.

My husband Chase and I created this sugar skull together, as a team. Family is our foundation and we strive to treat every customer as just that, Family!